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Bunny believes in hard work, loves challenges, and most of all loves helping people find their place in the world.


Bunny has a strong track record of excellence and has received many praises and awards for his work. Bunny believes in balance meaning if you work hard you need to reward yourself with fun. All work no play leads to burning-out and all play no work leads to self-destruction.


To be truly successful in anything you do, Bunny’s believes that one must find an equilibrium that allows you to be optimally productive and happy.


In final, Bunny understand the value of 21st-century marketing but he himself refuses to be apart of social media because he is old school and appreciates the authenticity of privacy.

Bunny is the C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) of Social Exposé. Bunny has almost 30 years of experience owning, operating and managing many businesses. Bunny is currently semi-retired but still has the passion to help new companies maximize their potential.


Bunny’s expertise, established networks, and business acumen is vital to Social Exposé. Bunny places emphasis on quality service and customer satisfaction.

André Réal

Owner & Marketing Specialist

André-Réal is a Social Marketing Specialist and founder of Social Exposé.


Previous to working with Social Exposé, André has worked as a freelancer doing web-design, social media implementation, mobile application development and QR code marketing for many companies.

André’s expertise, knowledge, and passion has been very instrumental in the progress of Social Exposé. André takes courses in Social Media Marketing to further enhance his skills and knowledge so he keeps up-to-date with the trends.  


Andre believes work comes before play but there must always be time for fun and good people. Andre contributes creativity, ingenuity, and zen like personality with regards to any project he undertakes. Andre believes it is important to value good employees because if you take care of them, they will take care of you.





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Bunny Toyle

Investor and C.E.O.

Social Exposé


Company Profile

Social Exposé employs a “younger” demographic because they are up to date with the changing trends in online activities and technology. However, Social Exposé is lead by a team that has many years of business and industry experience.


Synergy, creativity and innovation give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our mission is to help your company socialize, specialize and search engine optimize.


I am camera shy!

Toronto, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and focuses on optimization,

Social Exposé (x-po-za) is a marketing company that provides services within

and market presence. Social Exposé’s goal is to help businesses adapt to the 21st


The marketing process is rapidly changing and many companies are still stuck

in the 20th century. Online presence is now essential for gaining market

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